Middle School Girl’s Basketball Season


copied from Athens Academy News

“This team is the most successful team I have coached in my 16-year career being a middle school basketball coach,” says Joe Tillman.

The Athens Academy Girls Middle School Basketball Team finished their season undefeated. The Spartans pulled out an impressive 29-16 score against Prince in the championship game. 

Prince Avenue and Athens Academy is one of the biggest rivals in the Athens Area, so this was monumental for many reasons. There are many factors to the undefeated team’s achievements. 

First, as the big game approached, the players prepared themselves in various ways. Multiple players say, “they prepare by working hard and leave it all on the court because it’s our last game of the season.” 

Second, a key to their success is undoubtedly teamwork. Millie Pugmire points out, “we work well as a team, and none of us are selfish with the ball” she recognizes, “We thrive to help one another get better on the court.” 

Many teams can be divisive, but this particular team, she says, “are all so close that it’s easy to play together because we have good chemistry.” When watching this spectacular group together.

Lastly, it’s clear that they all are on the same page and operate as a unit. Fans are eager to watch the Spartans compete each week. The compelling energy of the players is noticed by the spectators. 

Margaret Anne often attends the games as. “It is exciting to watch the bond of the players on the court, and it creates a great atmosphere.” Next year this talented group of ladies will move on to high school, but they do not plan on slowing down. 

These girls are excited to bring their skills to the upper school. They hope to be challenged, as they play at higher levels. Determination, motivation, and teamwork seem to be the key factors in this team’s success. 

As long as they keep that going, then the sky’s the limit for them. “The future is bright for these girls, and we are so proud of them,” says Athletic Director Kevin Petroski.