The End of the Royal Era

Andrew Jones, Section Editor

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on September the 8th, criticisms have arisen about the history of the monarchy and their colonial past have come to light for the new King Charles. These rising criticisms have citizens of the United Kingdom asking questions about their monarchy as a whole.


Should the United Kingdom get rid of the royal family and monarchy altogether?


With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, who had ruled England as Queen for over 70 years, now is the perfect time to end the royal monarchy all together and fully revert the royal family to English citizens.


As NPR reports, the Queen’s passing has reignited tensions from countries formerly under British colonial rule about how they were treated as colonies. These colonies are among many that feel that the brutality that the British showed onto them is not a history that should be celebrated and continued for future generations.  


While the new King Charles seems to be liked by many Brits at the moment, a YouGov survey saw that his approval has increased by over 20% since he was declared king. This may just be hype though, since this is a big historical moment and a time of grieving for many in the history of the United Kingdom. Many were speculative of Charles before the Queen died, and his impact that he will leave on the monarchy could influence many peoples opinions on the idea of a monarchy. 


The Royal family no longer has any real political power in the United Kingdom, but they still have huge influence on British identity and society. With the monarchy having such strong ties to the colonial period in the United Kingdom, it is time that England move on from the royal family and monarchies once and for all.