Beloved French Teacher Retires: a Look Back at Her Wonderful Career


Madam Cashin poses in her classroom

Andrew Jones, Guest Writer

Jumping for joy in the hills of Ireland, Madam Jami Cashin and her Frisbee team, speaking only in French, celebrate their sweet victory. She smiles as she recognizes that she is in a unique opportunity getting to use her French skills in the real world. In addition to being an expert Frisbee player, Cashin is also a beloved French teacher.

Cashin has announced her retirement from teaching French at Athens Academy, and she will leave with her senior advisory in May. This is her eighth year teaching 8th graders, sophomores, and seniors. 

 “I really love the 8th grade students, they bring all this energy and interest to it. I also teach sophomores who are making this huge leap in their language learning and I love that part, when all of a sudden they are able to use their French in a more complex way,” Cashin says. “Then I have my seniors who are able to use the language and use it in some real-life situations. Learning the language is really rewarding 100% of the time!”

While Cashin has proven to be an excellent teacher, she also still has time to be with her advisory, which she has supported all throughout their high school journey. Whether it is through service projects or having lunch with her graduated advisees, she is always there for them even after they leave Spartan Lane.

“Madam Cashin is always so caring, it always seems like she genuinely wants to make sure we are doing okay and that we are having a good time in advisory. She really takes the time to make sure that everything is good in school and she also checks in with our at-home (life) as well,“ says senior Mae Kline, one of Cashin’s advisees.

Whether she is handing out birthday treats to her advisees or assisting students in the classroom, Madam Cashin has spent her entire life helping others.

“I would play-pretend being a teacher and would make my older brothers be my students when we were kids. In college I would work in after-school programs, it was always what I’ve been drawn to. I’ve taught all ages from kindergarten to college. I love watching people learn and it helps me continue to learn as well,” she says. 

Once she retires, Cashin’s free time will not just be spent playing Frisbee, as she plans to travel to various French-speaking countries. After teaching for so long, and helping so many kids learn French, Madam Jami Cashin is ready for her break. Merci, Madam Cashin!