Book Buzz on Spartan Lane


Eliza Connolly

Spartan Book Club Meeting; Pictured Left to Right: Anvesha Das, Seager Hunt, Maddy Wicker, Mills Crosland, Robie Lucas, Sarah Harrison

Nina Killian, Guest Writer

Dropping their bags by their desks, students take a seat while catching up with friends. With their books in hand as well as a sweet treat made by humanities teacher Beth Sensing, they laugh and prepare to discuss their opinions about the text. Each month, this small but intimate congregation of students and a couple faculty members gather for their Spartan Book Club meeting in Trustees 101. 

Spartan Book Club, which started this year, is led by sophomore Sarah Harrison and advised by freshman English teacher Marlana Street. The Spartan Book Club gives students and faculty an opportunity to pick a book each month and gather with each other to discuss it. 

“It is a way of getting together a group of kids who like to read and giving them a safe space to learn around other kids who like to read,” Street said. 

The club gives each member the opportunity to explore the many genres that literature has to offer in a fun and inclusive setting with their peers. 

“We read a pretty big variety this year, but we mostly read at a young adult level. We have read some fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, and we are currently reading a mystery book. We’ve read all sorts of books and I really like the variety that we have,” Harrison said. 

This exploration of genres and increased diversity in literature is one of many goals that Harrison had for the group. 

“The biggest accomplishment was just having more than 2 people. My biggest fear when I first sent out the email about Book Club was that no one would reply. The first meeting was just me, Mrs. Street, and a few other students, and it just grew from there. The fact that it’s growing and we generally have 1 or 2 new faces in each meeting makes me so happy,” Harrison said. 

Although Spartan Book Club accomplished the goals set by Street and Harrison, its first year was not without challenges.

“There are so many good books, but not enough time. We have to be very careful about our expectations. There’s nothing like reading a good 600 page book, but not when you have three AP classes,” Street said. 

However, the challenge of deciding what to read and when to read it does not outweigh the experience of simply enjoying a good book with peers.

“The best experience is when we get into deeper discussion and everyone excitedly discusses the book. It gets really chaotic and people start talking over each other, but I like it because it shows all the excitement,” Harrison said. 

But, the true highlight of each meeting, and a fan favorite of many Spartan Book Club members, is Beth Sensing’s cookies. 

“Ms. Sensing’s cookies are really good! I think a lot of us stay because of her cookies, so shout out to Ms. Sensing!” Harrison said.