The Celebration of Easter At Athens Academy

Prince-Howard Currie, Guest Writer

Easter was on the 9th of April this year, 2023. This day acts as a holiday for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since this day took place during the weekend, Athens Academy celebrated this event last week on Tuesday after our weekly Mid-Morning Meeting.


Chocolate candy in plastic eggs were scattered around the campus of Athens Academy to make the day more enjoyable for the students that day. It was quite enjoyable to spend time looking for treats in well thought-out hiding spots. 


“It was really fun to find the easter eggs around campus! I mainly wanted them just for the candy. The kit kats were my favorite,” says Jenna Cao, a participant in the egg hunt.


The reason why chocolate eggs are often associated with Easter is due to it being symbolic of fertility and the resurrection of Christ. According to Vitek, “It is also a festival that marks the end of Lent, a period of forty days during which the consumption of eggs was forbidden by the Church in the Middle Ages.”


However, it was not until the 1700s where eggs were eventually emptied and filled with chocolate in order to mark the end of Lent. Eventually, chocolate eggs were created without the use of real eggs, which is where the traditional chocolate egg originates from. 


With the reminder of Easter within Athens Academy, people were able to celebrate this important day during the holiday with a compassionate holiday spirit.