The Middle School Girls Soccer Team

Middle School Girls Soccer Team

Middle School Girls Soccer Team

Riley Ossick, Guest Writer

The girl’s soccer team had a great season with an 8 and 1 win streak. The soccer team started with a loss but then demolished everyone in their path. We will have an exclusive interview with Anna Hollis Presnell, one of the goalies for the Spartans. 


These Spartans are coached by Profe Love, the middle school Spanish teacher, and Libby Paul.  This team has worked hard and put in effort throughout this season. This team had a winning record doing well throughout the season. The closest game was 1-0, with Acad winning.


Profe loves coaches for many reasons one being that it is her favorite sport, then 2 being that soccer teaches life lessons and it is a collaborative sport where players have to depend on each other in order to have success. She also loves seeing players grow and work together. To her it is great to watch players make new friends and create strong bonds. 


They played Oconee, Westminster, East Jackson, and Prince. The only team that beat them was Oconee 1-8. The girls on this team are Aisha Ahmed, Stancil Chesser, Ciella Garrard, Joci Higginbotham, Sally Jernigan, Adair Lang, Mary Ford Massey, Maggie Parker, Whitney Rhodes, Julia Land, Anna Hollis Presnell, Millie Pugmire, Wells Jhonson, Chloe McPherson-Kim, Callie Bernstein, and Adriana Ritchey.


This team had a great bond and was always working hard. This team had a great season, and they displayed superb teamwork. They had a great coach who pushed them and taught them all more about the great sport of soccer.  


Top going from left to right: Coach Love, Coach Paul, Ciella Garrard, Adair Lang, Adriana Ritchey, Julia Land, and Millie Pugmire. 


  Bottom going from left to right: Aisha Ahmed, Bella Simpson, Sally Jernigan, Mary Ford Massey, Anna Hollis Presnell, Stancil Chester, (on top of Stancil) Chloe McPherson-Kim, Maggie Parker, Joci Higginbotham, and Whitney Rhodes