4-H: To Make the Best Better?

Pierce Barnett, Section Editor

If you have never heard of 4-H, it is a youth organization that is an extension of more than 100 public universities, including The University of Georgia. 4-H helps develop leadership, public speaking, self-esteem, and character. 


The 4-Hs are head, heart, hands, and health. The symbol for 4-H is a four-leaf clover. This clover stands for good luck and achievement. It has the club colors green and white, with four white Hs on each of the clover petals.


4-H had humble beginnings starting as the Georgia Boys Corn Club in 1904, founded by Mr. Adams, superintendent of Newton County, Georgia. In 1908, just south of Newton County, Georgia, the Girls Tomato Canning Club 


These clubs focused on harvesting crops and displaying them at the county fairs. Its goal was to help children have hands-on experience with valuable skills like farming. 4-H was formally established in 1912 and added as an extension at colleges.


4-H teaches children from ages 5-19 new skills like archery and public speaking by doing. An example is a public speaking competition called DPA (District Project Achievement). 


DPA was the most fun thing I have ever done at 4-H. You prepare an informative speech about a topic of your choice and write about it. If public speaking is not your thing, you can do road cleanups, donations, sports, camps, agriculture, and more.


When you join the 4-H club, you can be a 4-H officer, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Vice-President, and President. Being an officer is optional, but these officer positions are fun if you are elected.


You may be wondering what the benefits of being a member of 4-H are. 4-H teaches you skills like how to deal with animals, develop leadership skills, public speaking, technology, etc. Compassion is a character trait that 4-H hopes to grow in its members. 


The main idea of 4-H is to help people in need and to improve and discover your skills. I participated in 4-H bellringing for the Salvation Army, and it was amazing knowing that you were helping people that needed it the most.


Our school offers 4-H starting in 5th grade with our Oconee County 4-H agent Daniel Queen. Meetings are every first Thursday of the month. After every meeting, the members get a newsletter.


This newsletter lists what food items you could donate for the month, road cleanups, competitions, the Ronald McDonald House Charities (pop tabs), and other events in the 4-H community.


There is no reason why joining 4-H could be a bad idea. You can put as much time into it as you want. Joining 4-H helps you develop skills you will need later in life, and it also looks great on a college resume.


4-H is a club that hopes to develop a generation that can solve problems and help people with fewer opportunities, so I think it is safe to say that 4-H indeed does make the best better.