Jekyll Jammin’


Adelaide Ellis, Section Editor

I’m sure that everyone has gotten sunburned at some point or gotten loads of bug bites or worn themselves out running around. Why not do it all in the same place? The so called “Jekyll Jam” is a recently added annual tournament that the Athens Academy tennis team has been part of. It is always the weekend before spring break which provides these athletes with, in a sense, a double break and a better chance to get to know  each other. 

I know what you’re thinking, tennis tournament, at the beach? Sure, but in all seriousness this is an amazing opportunity presented to these athletes that helps to bring the team closer together in the beginning of the season. 

“I love the Jekyll tournament because it’s always so much fun. You get to spend time with the team and it’s nice to go to the beach in between matches,” says Avery Roark, a sophomore on the tennis team. 

The Jekyll beach during this trip is definitely a fan favorite among the team.

Cohen Tomlinson, a junior on the team says, “being able to not only play side by side with teammates in matches but also go back and chill at the beach made the weekend perfect.” 

The team bonding that comes with the trip is something that all athletes appreciate. They learn more about each other and spend more time together whether that’s late night beach walks, shared meals, or just playing tennis together. 

“For me it was really supportive when the whole team supported me during my tiebreaker match on Friday. I am super excited to go next year. I already miss it!” says Cristina Vega, a junior on the tennis team (who did in fact win that match). 

This 2023 season, both the boys and girls teams got 4th place out of 8 teams in the tournament. Oconee is the only other team that competes from Athens, but there are also other teams from around the state who pose good competition for our athletes. 

“I think it helped us bond as a team and work together better moving forward!” Weston Smart says, a freshman on the Athens Academy tennis team. 

Overall, this tournament is a good addition to the beginning of the season for the tennis team. Whether tennis is your thing or not, it’s always good to take a minute to appreciate all of your school’s athletes for all of their hard work and dedication that they put into representing your school.