2023 Middle School Track and Field Team


Image taken by Bryce Paramore

Ria Saraf and Samantha Paramore

This year’s track season has gone well for the middle school team. We interviewed Petra Babbitt, and asked her how she felt before their first meet. ​​This is what she said.

“This year, the track team is smaller than usual. However, the kids are hardworking and determined this year.”

The team warms up by first jogging around the track. Next they do some sprints on the track. Then they do some work in the weight room. They will start working on their individual events for the rest of the time. All of these make them better runners. 

She says that one of the reasons that she likes coaching track is that she can teach the athletes about a sport that she loves. She also says she enjoys getting to know the kids better, especially on the buses when they go to track meets. 

When she is coaching, she enjoys seeing the growth in her athletes. She says she wants people to join because they want to work hard and not because their friends are doing it. 

She says that if you want to join track,you should. It doesn’t matter if you barely know anything about it. You won’t be great at first, you have to work hard, and you will get better. “There is no skill required,” Mrs. Babbitt says.