Athens Academy’s College Application Process


Lukas Stutz, Guest Writer

On January 23rd, the junior class filled up the Presentation Hall eager to learn information about the college application process. Meanwhile, many seniors are anticipating regular decision admissions announcements from universities like Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia (UGA) which are coming out around mid-March.


The college application process is a long one, and for many students in the Junior class, it starts now. Although there is certainly no rush. Dr. Rogers, one of two college counselors at ACAD, stated that “students need to begin thinking about getting their materials together Junior year”. Don’t let this freak you out, though, as that was followed up with, “ …When they actually have to start is the fall of their senior year. They should make sure they are starting on their essays and have a plan… or already have standardized test scores.”  


Standardized test scores and college essays might seem stressful, but Athens Academy has created an environment to make it much easier to get to the next chapter. Senior Hope Shelnut, who will be attending Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) next fall, says, “I actually talked to both of the college counselors a lot although my official counselor was Dr. Rogers. He was so wonderful and helpful but both of them are great. Dr. Rogers read my college essay and gave me lots of pointers.” 


Back on the other end of the college application process, Dr. Rogers explained that the worst thing students can do is not ask for help. When I asked Dr. Rodgers about students who might be feeling stressed or behind, he said, “I want to help everybody. In fact, I get in trouble if I leave anybody behind, so you’re really helping me… please let me help you. That’s the real mission here for me. No one should worry, I’m not going to judge you. If you come in and say you need some help I’m going to say ‘how can I help.” 


Not only can the counselors help you with the basic aspects of the application, but they can help with all things involved. Kishan Shah, an accomplished senior who applied to schools like Cornell and Johns Hopkins, was deferred from Princeton. 


“My college counselor told me to write a letter that reaffirms that if they let me in, I would still consider going there even though they deferred me. The best thing to do is show that I’m still interested, despite getting deferred,” said Kishan when I asked about it.


This just goes to show that if you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of help, it is readily available no matter what. 


This year, the senior class has seen very strong results in their applications. With acceptance into schools like Duke and Vanderbilt, Washington State, and Washington and Lee, it has been far more than successful. With a sense of pride and confidence, Dr. Rodgers stated “We can send Spartans all over the continental US. I am always happy to see students get accepted at their first choice schools, wherever they are.”  


So, with those big-time acceptance letters coming in soon, the senior class should be prepared to graduate come May. And for all of the future seniors who are worried, don’t be. Honestly, it can be a scary time. It’s hectic. But it’s really not nearly as bad as it might seem from the outside looking in. In fact, the college application process is something to look forward to. You get to see all the hard work pay off, and ultimately make one of the biggest decisions in your life.