The Middle School Play

The Middle School Play

Pierce Barnett, Section Editor

This year the middle school play is You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Mrs. Townsend, the Middle School play director and Ms. Thompson, the assistant director are in charge of the show. This is a musical, so a lot of singing is expected.  


Even though Mrs. Townsend and Ms. Thompson direct the show, it is a student-run production. Student-run means no adults will be backstage during the show. Lucy Niolon is the manager and is the person in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. 


The cast and crew are excited about the performance and have been rehearsing tirelessly. The cast members along with some crew members, had to come in for five whole hours on January 21 to polish up what Mrs. Townsend calls “problem scenes!”


After many hours spent together, the crew has created a strong bond. I think this is one of the best things about the middle school play, how people can become friends outside of the play itself.


Along with the full performances of the show, the cast performed the opening scene of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown in front of the Lower school at a Friday assembly. The play has lots of synchronized dancing, especially within the opening scene, so if you happen to be at the lower school assembly, you’re in for a treat. The opening scene was also performed in front of the Middle School assembly. This is hard for the actors and actresses because they have to perform in front of their peers, so make sure to support your peers if they are acting in an assembly.


This year’s play is fun and heartwarming, and hopefully, everybody was able to make it to You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and believe me, you wanted to go. Tickets for the performances are on GoFan and sold out in front of the presentation hall. 


Fan-O-Grams are sold out in front of the presentation hall as well. A Fan-O-Gram is a slip of paper that you can write on and send a note to a cast member. These are 2 for 1$ and are a way to make the cast members feel good about themselves and support them.


The nights of the play were: 


  • February 3 and February 4 and were open at 7:00 for the audience


  • February 5 was open at 1:30 for the audience


  • February 3 and February 4 each began at 7:30


  • February 5 started at 2:00