‘Little Letters’: A Witty and Enticing Drama

Andrew Jones, Assistant Editor


The bright lights turn on for the first time of the school year. The cast sits behind the curtain preparing for the opening song of the performance to the full house in front of them. 


Athens Academy’s production of Little Letters opened on October 13th to a full house.


Little Letters is a rendition, written by Ms. Thompson, of Lousia May Alcott’s 1868 classic Little Women. The rendition was brought to life by a colorful cast who executed their roles to perfection. 


Following the success of “Clue” last spring, this year’s One Act production drew large crowds for all three nights of performance. Little Letters did not disappoint, for the cast brought high energy and powerful emotions to the stage during every performance. 


“There is nothing like opening night energy. That really put a lot of energy into our own performances.” said junior Courtney Coffeen, who played Jo March, the lead role.  


No performance can be excellent without a bond between the cast.


“I’ve gotten to know them very well over the play, and it’s just a very tight knit cast and I really appreciate that,” said Coffeen. 


However, pulling off a great performance does not come without its challenges. As part of the One Act rules, The cast and crew had to complete the Play, including putting up and taking down the set in 55 minutes or less, losing 1 point for every 15 seconds they went over time. 


This did not prohibit Athens Academy production from coming 1st in their region for One Act. Courtney Coffeen was named best supporting actress for her role as Jo March, while juniors Wade Slatcher and Elizabeth Raeber were named to the all star region cast. 


The production of Little Letters will continue to state competitions on November 12th, where they hope to find further success.