A Path to Enlightenment: 8 secrets for High School Success

A Path to Enlightenment: 8 secrets for High School Success

Thomas Meyer, Guest Writer

  1. Sleep!!

Number one and most important, sleep. Eleven pm: lights out. Freshman: ten pm. It’s so much better to just sleep rather than stay up all night studying or doing homework. That being said, this requires you to get work done earlier. Be efficient and don’t procrastinate (easier said than done). Sleep is the most important; it’s science. Your body needs it. Sleep. 


  1. Always be Early.

Eat breakfast. It’s good for you. Then get to school early; it’s much less stressful. Honestly, get to everything early: meetings, practice, class. Unless, it’s a Homecoming, Sadie, or a party; then be late. 


  1. Clash of Clans!

What else are you going to do during break? Always upgrade offensive buildings ― barracks, clan castle, camps ― first and collectors/storages. Don’t forget to attack in war. And, do your clan games!


  1. Remember Names.

Just try to be good at remembering names and faces. It’ll be useful, and it’s respectful and good to do anyway. 


  1. Run Cross Country or Pick Another Sport.

Several reasons to do this: First of all, exercise is important. The world’s best chess players, the world’s smartest people, work out a lot to stimulate the brain. Secondly, strong body, strong mind. Thirdly, being on a team builds camaraderie and friends. It’s a time commitment, and it can be hard, but it’ll be worth it. All sports are equal, but some are more equal than others. I recommend running as the most natural form of human competition. It builds physical strength, mental toughness, and confidence. 


  1. It’s always a metaphor.

If you see any comparison in a text in English Class, it’s probably a metaphor. That’s not a hyperbole. Metaphors encompass almost all other figurative language:  similes, personification etc. So, if you don’t know the name for it, you’re probably safe calling it a metaphor. 


  1. Board Work!

In math class, always do board work. You’ll do better on the test. That’s a fact. Also, whenever graphing anything, make an x/y table of values ― it works wonders. Use the big-small principle: plug in a small number and a really big number to see what happens at infinity and then do it for a small negative and big negative. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will. Also, also, for trig, draw a triangle. 


  1. Don’t Stress!

Things will work out for you. No matter what happens at school, you will still have food for dinner, a bed to sleep in, and your parents will still love you. Take things in perspective. Your ancestors fought lions and bears. You can defeat your math test. That said, if you need help, seek it. Talk to someone or talk to me if you want. 


That’s it, do these simple things and you’ll achieve enlightenment. Go Spartans!