Get To Know Mrs. Carrigan


Cristina Carrigan

Ricardo Urena , Guest Writer

Cristina Carrigan—affectionately called Cristina Cardigan by Google Docs autocorrect— is the newest member of the math department in the Upper School. 

Originally from New Jersey, Carrigan attended Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, where she received her degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science. Afterwards, she moved “down south” to pursue a master’s at the University of Georgia in Math Education. Before joining Athens Academy, she taught middle and high school mathematics for six years, including at East Jackson Comprehensive and Barrow Arts and Sciences.

Carrigan felt welcome throughout her transition to teaching on Spartan Lane.

 “It has been incredibly smooth. Everyone in the math department is very good at anticipating any questions or concerns that I may have. They’ve helped me learn about the unique aspects of the school,” Carrigan says. 

Carrigan teaches three classes: Precalculus Advanced, Algebra II Honors, and Algebra II Advanced. The subject matter of these courses also  happens to be her favorite to teach. Additionally, she has been pleasantly surprised by the maturity of the students in her classes. 

“The students here are very good at advocating for themselves whether they need help, an extension, or anything in general. They are comfortable talking with their teachers, and sometimes students just don’t know how to do that,” Carrigan says.  

Junior Sydney Elrod has enjoyed her time in Carrigan’s class. 

 “(She is) super passionate about what she teaches and always eager to answer any questions. She truly cares about each of her students,” Elrod says.  

In addition to adjusting to teaching new classes, Carrigan also needed to prepare her students for her maternity leave and their substitute Brett Odom. 

“I’m fortunate because I am paired up with a teacher for every class I teach. Mr Edwards teaches Precalculus Advanced; Mr. Fitzsimmons also teaches Algebra II Honors; and Mr. West teaches Algebra II Advanced. They all helped me prepare,” Carrigan says.  

Besides academics, Carrigan has enjoyed Athens Academy’s unique culture and traditions. For example, homecoming week has become one of her favorite school memories. 

“It was very interesting,” she says. “I, of course, had participated in homecoming celebrations, but I had never seen all the different committees, like Banner, before.” 

She has also been excited to serve as a freshman advisor with Mike Salvia. 

“It is nice sharing an advisory with Mr. Salvia since we are always there to help remind each other about stuff. And since I don’t teach freshmen, having an advisory full of them is a nice way to meet more students,” Carrigan says. 

Carrigan has thoroughly enjoyed her first year at Athens Academy, and she looks forward to her return in Fall 2022. She is even planning on more ways to get involved with students and the community. 

“I had been planning to help coach soccer this year, but my maternity leave cut that short. However, I plan on helping out with the soccer team next year,” she says.  

The other teams in the area better watch out because I heard she had a mean kick back when she played in college.