The Spartan 5K Continues to Build the Community

Family and friends congratulate each other for finishing the Spartan 5K.

Adelaide Ellis

Family and friends congratulate each other for finishing the Spartan 5K.

Adelaide Ellis, Guest Writer

For many people, running can be a form of stress relief, a sport, or a way to try something new. For the Athens Academy Spartans, it is a way to bond as a community. On Feb. 12, the school hosted their 37th annual Spartan 5K, and it was a fun way for families to all come together through volunteering, running, and cheering for friends and family.

Everyone runs in races for different reasons, whether to accomplish a goal or simply for fun. Although running is a solo sport, it is still a great activity to do with other people. 

“I love running the 5K with friends, it really keeps me going and it makes it so fun,” said Marie Rutledge, a 5K volunteer who has run in years past. 

Even though the 5K is the main part of this event, there is also a one mile fun-run available for kids to run in.  

“I love seeing the little kids enjoy running the fun run and I can’t wait to see as they grow up to run in the 5K,” Rutledge said. 

Whether participants are there to run, volunteer, or just watch, the happy and fulfilled spirit on campus is contagious. Although there is a great community feel surrounding the event, the real camaraderie comes at the finish line.

“When you’re done, everybody’s cheering for each other, and at the end, you all did that together,” said Carrie Olson, a runner and the Athens Academy Middle School counselor. 

The run is also a charity event for the school. Every participant has to pay a fee to run and the profits go towards benefiting the campus. Not only does this positively affect students on Spartan Lane, but it builds a better foundation and community for future students as well. 

This year there were almost 200 participants in the 5K, and as the event grows so does the community. The 5K is a great way to meet new people, accomplish a goal, support your friends, or get more volunteering experience.