Athens Academy Seniors Close Out the Year


Kelley Cuneo

The Class of 2022

Jake Williams, Guest Writer

High school is coming to an end for Athens Academy’s class of 2022. The class honors have been awarded and end-of-year traditions are in full swing. 

In the tight competition between Ingrid Nilsson, Ethan Markewitz, and Daniel Huang, Nilsson was awarded valedictorian, with Markewitz and Huang tying for salutatorian. Along with these three, Imana Adogu, Oliver Carrigan, Brooks Chisolm, Taylor Dorsey, Steven Holder, Mae Kline, Elizabeth Marx, Davis McLanahan, Kathryn Nichols, Jane Ann Raeber, Lexi Sennowitz, Davis Slate, Will Warner, and Oliver Yates have been inducted into the Cum Laude Honor Society. Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and scholarly dedication! 

Speaking of scholarly dedication, many of the senior class members have felt some form of senioritis one way or another. While some teachers have tried to ask students to work for just a bit longer, others have accepted this as a part of high school. 

The past few weeks have been busy for the Class of 2022, with Six Flags, AP exams, Serving Up a Cure, and the charity drive for Samaritan’s Feet. The charity was led by Davis Slate, who has commented on this charity many times in the mid-morning meeting. 

“It’s really just a great cause, and many people have extra shoes that they can donate. I’m thankful for everyone who has donated even just a single pair of old shoes, since it really is just such a good cause. Many people take their shoes for granted,” Slate says. 

Summer draws near, but before everyone can escape to warm days on the beach and fun travels across the world before going off to college, these seniors have special Athens Academy traditions to attend to, such as Senior Athletic Awards, College Colors Day, Fine Arts Recognition, Senior Service Projects, Vespers, Prom, and especially graduation. These Athens Academy traditions are always an excitement for our seniors, and it is nice to have a good last few weeks before sending them off to college in a completely new environment. Congratulations, Class of 2022!