The Three Chuck-E-Teers 


AJ Chambers and Patrick Rodrigue, photo collage courtesy of Cole Dowd.

Cole Dowd, Guest Writer

*The following story is a tongue-in-cheek account of working at Chuck E. Cheese. The students highlighted remain thankful for all of their employment opportunities. 

This year sophomore students AJ Chambers, Patrick Rodrigue, and I worked at Chuck E. Cheese and learned the ways of how to run a Chuck E. Cheese establishment. We worked long hours and got paid minimum wage, but Chuck E. Cheese will always have a place close to our hearts. 

This all started when Chambers was in search of a job and jokingly landed at Chuck E. Cheese. He worked there for a couple months and then convinced Rodrigue and myself to join. The application process was quick and easy due to the lack of people working there. This was the first sign that working there would probably not be great. 

Rodrigue and Chambers were in the position of “game room attendant,” which means they help people with broken games and cleaning tables in the area. This is one of the more fun jobs, as you also get to play the games a lot. 

Most of the problems during a shift would come from rude people and just a lack of workforce. On some days, you had to do a lot of different jobs due to a lack of staff, which wasn’t too bad, but could be overwhelming. 

One of the good things we all agreed on was the coworkers. There were some very nice people working there, and it felt like a big family trying to hold down a war bunker or something. Some of them may not have been the best workers, but they were still cool. 

With this being the first job for all of us, we learned a good bit about what working actually looks like in terms of earning money, how you might not get to choose your hours and have to miss out on exciting things, and I for one got a lot better at cleaning. 

“I’ve learned a couple things: minimum wage isn’t very fun and people are mean,” Chambers said.