Freshman Charity Drive Helps Acad Thrive


Nikki Chester

9th grade student council members Robert Beckum, Hampton Johnson, Renee Cargill, and Siena Avolio (not pictured) donating the Freshman drive collections to Sparrow’s Nest.

Adelaide Ellis

This semester, Athens Academy’s freshman class held a drive, led by Siena Avolio, to support Sparrow’s Nest, a non-profit organization that has been in Athens since the 1990s, dedicated to helping recovering addicts and people faced with homelessness. 

From travel-sized toothpaste to mens socks, there were over 500 items donated by Athen’s Academy students. Every advisory contributed, which really helped to support the local community in need. The freshman student council is so happy that they got this opportunity to provide assistance. 

The deadline to turn in supplies was Friday, March 25, which also happened to be the day a guest speaker came to campus.

“Most of them (Sparrow’s Nest clients) live out of their backpack,” said James Scott, executive director sent by the organization, “so a new toothbrush or a new tube of toothpaste can be very helpful.”

The Sparrow’s Nest website outlines their goals and intentions, stating, “By creatively meeting the needs of a population at risk, we build trust, which is the doorway to hope and transformation.” Their goal is to help people who are in tough situations, thus helping to reshape the community by making it stronger.  

Sparrow’s Nest also provides food, classes, laundry options, clothes, employment opportunities, and chapel times for their clients. In addition to these offerings, many annual events are held, such as golf tournaments, jacket drives, and an annual Christmas wish list. These help to raise financial aid, awareness, and items for clients. 

“We do these drives and other service opportunities at our school because it helps us to get in touch with the wider community and brings the grade together,” said Renee Cargill, student council member.

Reaching out and helping the community can happen in many different ways. Donating your old shoes or jackets to a shelter or providing a meal can make a huge impact on someone. Think about the little kids who don’t get Christmas gifts or the hard working parents who need a new pair of shoes. These people need help from their community so they can get back on their feet. 

Sparrow’s Nest provides many different ways for people to get involved. Students who are interested can contact them through their website or donate financial aid, items, or their time. As students get older, there are also possible internships available. The organization is always looking for donations and new interns to grow their nonprofit, and it is a great way to support our community.